Hello, I'm James

After years of putting up with gut problems that left me feeling irritable and embarrassed, my health issues came to a head in my late twenties when I started running competitively.

This led me on a health journey during which I uncovered and resolved underlying gut issues that had been holding me back. As a nutritionist specializing in gut health, I now help people feeling trapped by their gut issues to finally free themselves of food fear and focus on regaining a life they love.

My Story

Following a poor diet and lifestyle during university left me suffering from bloating and flatulence that made me the butt of jokes and feeling lost in knowing where to start in getting back to being my best. At the time I was a keen runner and things came to a head when I had to take an unscheduled toilet break during the London marathon! Something had to change.

With the intuitive hunch that a conventional doctor would not be able to get to the root of the problem I decided to tackle the issue head on. Having got lost down the internet rabbit hole, but realising that was something pivotal about diet, I started formally studying nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine during which I uncovered I was suffering from Small Intestinal Bacteria Overgrowth, or SIBO. Armed with scientific know-how, over time and with plenty of set-backs I was able to resolve my own issues allowing me to put the jokes behind me and let go of the helplessness and frustration that had been troubling me for years before. Not only did my symptoms clear up, but my running also improved.

Sometimes life gets on top of me; a few nights of poor sleep or a stressful week, can cause some of the old symptoms creep back in. The difference now is that I’m able to listen to my body, recognise where I’ve drifted, and am able to make the corrections with the confidence I can come back into balance.

The body has a knack of telling us if something isn’t right, we need to listen and take corrective action. The body wants to heal and be healthy, often times we need to give it a nudge in the right direction and get out of the way.

So many people struggle not only with direct gut issues, like bloating, constipation, diarrhoea and abdominal pain - but due to the importance of the gut in overall health - many other symptoms like fatigue, joint pain, skin issues, brain fog, and food sensitivities, can be driven by issues in the gut. It was through my journey of healing that I became so passionate about how scientific information applied in a practical way can make a life changing difference and improve people’s relationships, work, and social lives. It is my passion to get this information into the hands of people that need it most and help them to feel good again. By releasing the tension that comes from their gut controlling their lives people can rediscover the freedom and love of life that they remember.

I took back power over my health, and with the right support, you can too.

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Everyone's situation is different, however, there are some fundamental elements of diet and lifestyle that can lay the foundations for good gut health. My Good Gut Guide sets out some of the most important bases to cover when addressing your gut health.

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