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I’m James, a nutritionist specialising in gut health

I help people that feel trapped by their gut issues to free themselves of food fear and recover their love of life

My Story

After years of putting up with gut problems that left me feeling irritable and embarrassed, my health issues came to a head in my late twenties and when I started running competitively. This led me on a health journey during which I uncovered and resolved underlying gut issues that had been holding me back. As a nutritionist specialising in gut health, I now help people feeling trapped by their gut issues to finally free themselves of food fear and focus on regaining a life they love.

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I’m a nutritionist specialising in gut health

Programme Benefits

You deserve to be your best, healthiest self. What are you waiting for?

Most people spend too long just 'getting by'. This doesn't have to be you. You don't have to put up with the post-meal bloat, worrying whether eating that thing will results in hours of discomfort, or embarrassing wind. You deserve better. This is the only life we can be sure of so why not book a free discovery call to see how I can help you.


Personalised Nutrition Plan

I don’t just want to give you a nutrition plan and recipes to follow, I want to empower you to understand why you’re having issues and how to solve them.


Personalised Supplements and Functional testing

High quality supplements and functional testing can be useful tools in helping us reach your goals quicker. However, they’re not necessary for everyone; I take an an approach in collaboration with you to get the best results.

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    You’ll complete an intake questionnaire and food diary ahead of your first consultation.



    Your detailed case history, your symptoms and your goals (plus functional test results if necessary) are the keys to unlocking the root cause of your issues.


    Happy Life

    We work to heal the gut allowing you to live with more freedom and get back to a life you love.

    Kelli's Testimonial

    "My expectations were more than fulfilled. I was given specific information and a biological explanation behind the information given. I had a good experience ...I'd recommend James to others with similar issues."

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